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Hello, Parisian by birth, I live today in Yvelines 5 minutes from Versailles and the Chevreuse Valley. If you want to know my path and the path to you then I will explain why I like to photograph you.

I started the photo taking landscapes on the occasion of my honeymoon. I wanted to bring back the most beautiful memories. So I studied a lot of different techniques and practiced to have good results. (The corridor leading to our room is still decorated with these pictures!)

I was so proud of my photos that it made me want to show them, so I set up an online gallery. I have long photographed landscapes. Capturing them as an image was for me a sort of communion with nature and allowed me to take a breath of visual air.

It was at the birth of my son that I had a more creative approach by looking at portraits. My photos began to make people talk and I quickly asked for weddings, corporate photos, concerts, events, actions led by associations, couple photos, etc.

These solicitations really took me out of my comfort zone. I told myself that it would be an exciting challenge to approach the photo with people, to see them from another angle, to have original views, authentic, that show emotions.

So I completely changed my way of photographing. What came out of it is more spontaneity, more natural, and that’s the best! This is reflected in the images, and the return of people is positive. I take a lot of fun to immortalize scenes of life, to tell your story. I remember having a tear in the eye during the preparations for a wedding, a touching moment to capture, there in front of me, I was lucky to capture this scene! The bride and groom were completely confident. At that moment, I knew how to make myself discreet, almost invisible to immortalize this moment of emotion.

These experiences have been revealing the photo report is a real challenge that I love because we can live, alongside the newlyweds, all the moments of the most exceptional day of their lives! Marriage is my preference. It covers all areas of Photography and captures the true, natural, emotional moments of the bride and groom as well as guests.

If you think like me that photography is a vector of emotion, a media of communication then I invite you to contact me so that I can help you in your project.

Franck Chemin | Photographer

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